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May 7, 2010

So here we are, with another week nearly in the books.

I’ve passed the halfway mark on the blanket; I think I will probably finish it up by Monday or Tuesday, and have it blocked and ready for next week’s Guild meeting.  Sweet.

Which will give me a solid couple of weeks before our ultrasound appointment, during which time I can knock out a couple of Christmas hats.  Double-sweet.

Looking at the calendar this morning I realized that Mass Sheep & Wool is a scant three weeks away.  While I already have my wishlist all ready to go, I thought I’d better see how much of what I bought last year still sits in the stash.

Turns out, not much.  In fact, I’ve used everything except a single skein of KashMir.

Which means I can buy whatever I like in good conscience.

But the truth is, there are very few definite projects in my sights at the moment.  I want to make a BSJ for the new baby (color will depend on May 26th).  I want to make matching Christmas hats for the Peep and the new baby (ditto).

I will probably try to make matching Christmas socks for all of us, too, but (a) I don’t need to buy that yarn just yet, because (b) we’ll need to see how things go through midsummer before I pull the trigger on that idea.

I’ve always wanted to make handknit Christmas stockings, too – some of the patterns out there are stunning – but there’s no way that’s happening this year.

So, seems like the pressure is pretty much off, yarn-wise, for me at MASW this year.  Not that it was particularly on last year, I had even less of a plan then.

Enough about my weekend plans for three weeks from now.  This weekend has plenty of plans, too:

Tonight some of the girls and I are going to Symphony Hall, to see Ozomatli play with the Boston Pops.  Ozomatli started out as a hip-hop band, but has morphed into a sort of world-music band.  Their music is fantastically all over the place, and the idea of them playing with the Pops is messing with my head; I can’t wait.

Tomorrow we’re taking the Peep to see StoryTime Live.  This theatrical experience I’m less slightly less enthusiastic about – the boy doesn’t generally care for crowds OR loud places, and a stage show aimed at kids is bound to have both; he’ll either love it or hate it, and at $20+ a ticket I can only hope it’s the former.

Later in the day tomorrow we’ll make a cameo appearance at my nieces’ birthday party after-party.  We’ll miss the official activities (ceramic painting and pizza party) while we’re at the theater, but we’ll get back to the house in time for cake and presents.

All of which means the next 30 hours or so will be pretty busy for me.

Luckily, Sunday is Mothers Day, and I expect to take full advantage of the trump card that provides, and do a whole lot of not much all day.

Whatever you’ve got up your sleeve for the weekend, enjoy every last bit – and all you moms out there, have a great Sunday.

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