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April 26, 2010

We ran around for most of the day on Saturday, getting all of our errands and some yard work done, so that we could enjoy the rainy Sunday.

Except then it didn’t rain on Sunday.

Nonetheless, I didn’t leave the house on Sunday.  Larry and the Peep took a bit of a walk in the afternoon, but I opted to curl up and do some knitting instead.


The body is complete.  Just need to whip up the sleeves and sew the hood sides together.  I think my self-imposed deadline of the 30th is well within reach.

Turns out, progress follows action.  As in, if you actually knit on something, it gets closer to completion. Wow.

In other news, Larry brought home a hydrangea from a work event last week, and we were able to finally put it in the ground on Saturday.

It’s quite … vivid, isn’t it?  It came home without a species tag, so it will be interesting to see how big it gets, and whether it stays blue or not.  I know in days of yore the color of a hydrangea was influenced by the acid content of its resident soil, but I believe nowadays some of the color can be bred in.

That white pipe you see behind it is the outlet to our sump pump; not sure if that will be a determining factor in the survival of the plant.  On the plus side, moisture shouldn’t be a problem for it.

Also, the front yard continues to put a little hop in my step:

The allium bulbs are just starting to fill out, so I think it’ll be another couple of weeks before those start to pop.  And there are some seedlings from neighborhood trees that will need to be pulled soon.   But the bee balm has spread by another 6 inches in all directions, which promises to put on quite a show later this summer.

I didn’t take a picture of the other side of the yard, but the black parrot tulips are starting to color up, so I think we’ll start to see those opening in the next week or so.

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