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April 23, 2010

With much gnashing of my teeth, I managed to add a solid two-plus inches to the body of the little-girl sweater last night.  Only three more to go, and then onto the sleeves.

This weekend is plan-free so far; I love it when that happens.  Sunday is supposed to be lousy, but tomorrow’s supposed to be a nice spring day – sunny and mid-60’s.  I’ll take it!

We have the handyman/builder coming to the house sometime in the next week or so, to start the basement renovations.   So I suppose we’ll have to do some tidying up down there … which really means some throwing away down there.

The amount of crap and clutter we’ve accumulated in the past five years is nothing short of stupefying.   Off the top of my head, there are three main categories of debris down there:

1.  Stuff that came from our old apartment and went straight into the basement – in my mind, the things that are still in the moving boxes are prime candidates for disposal.  Or sale.  Although I can’t imagine very much is worth anything.

2.  Baby stuff from the last time around.  All of the equipment (swing, highchair, pack n play, etc) is reusable, for sure; but we’ve also got several plastic storage containers of baby clothes.  Which is great in some ways – you can never have too many onesies, right? – but in other ways, just clutter.  Most outfits that worked for an early-spring baby aren’t ever going to work for a late-fall baby, either sizewise or seasonwise.

3. The largest category of all – random “stuff”.

In truth, the first two categories take up the most space – once we sort through those, it should be quick work to go through the rest.

Not sure we’ll do any of this over the weekend, of course.  The builders are starting by installing a full-size exterior door to the basement (up til now all we have is a half-size door), so we’ve got a bit of time before we have to worry about the rest.  Still, I do like being slightly ahead of the game sometimes…

Whatever you’ve got up your sleeve for the weekend, enjoy it!

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