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April 22, 2010

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking, ‘her job has been crazy, her kid just had a birthday, she’s talking ragtime about the garden and home improvements, and now she’s pregnant – there’s no WAY she’s been knitting’.

You are SO wrong.

I made this little number for my friend’s upcoming daughter a couple of weeks ago:

It’s the one-piece baby kimono from the first Mason-Dixon book, worked half in garter stitch and half in stockinette.  I’m hoping to see her next week, and give it to her then.

Then I started a sweater for my youngest niece, who, although she’s gotten a blanket from me, and socks, has not yet gotten a sweater; she’s overdue.

So I went with this pattern, a freebie from Knitting Pure and Simple:

And the pattern IS pure and simple.  Well-written, easy to follow, the whole bit.   It should have been done long ago, really.


I made a poor choice of yarn; it’s very nice, and soft, and all, but it’s splitty.  Very splitty.  I have to pay attention to each and every stitch.

And frankly, I failed to consider how much I dislike long stretches of plain stockinette.  It just about killed me to work the hood (8 inches).  The yoke was slightly more interesting, since there were increases to manage.  But now I’m onto the body of the sweater, and am faced with another +/- 7 inches of stockinette.  After that, the sleeves shouldn’t take long.  I hope.

I’m really REALLY going to make an effort to finish this by the end of the month.  Because what I really REALLY want to get going on is this:

It’s a Jared Flood pattern, called Wool Leaves.  It’s worked in worsted-weight yarn held double, or a single strand of bulky.  I bought a beautiful piney-green (bulky) yarn for it, I think it’ll be the perfect gender-neutral baby blanket.

We find out what we’re having on May 26th, so with any luck all of the foregoing will go quickly, and then I can get down to baby-sweater knitting.

For myself.

After all these years.


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