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2010.04.13 aka 2010.04.07

April 13, 2010

aka: Blast from the Past, Part 1

I finally got my old laptop back, and can at last post my photos from last week.  First up, our day trip to the Aquarium and Faneuil Hall for the Peep’s birthday treat.

After an uneventful trip on the T, we arrived in Haymarket, and took the short walk over to the Aquarium.

Once we got inside, he didn’t know what to look at first.

We saw the jellyfish exhibit

And the Sea Dragons (both types, Leafy and Weedy), which are members of the Sea Horse family – see if you can find them in the photos below.

He poked around in the tidepool for a bit.

After he’d had enough of the life aquatic, we strolled over to historic and touristy Faneuil Hall for a bit of shopping and lunch.

With apologies to Veronica…

After a lunch that included being largely ignored by our server for over 30 minutes after placing our order, during which time the Peep behaved admirably, we did a loop around the plaza and got an ice cream.  Which may sound crazy for early April, but it was 85 and sunny, it had to be done.

The birthday boy ate his from a cone for the first time.

It was a glorious day all around.

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