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March 22, 2010

Here in Boston we capped off a stretch of good weather with a Saturday that was sunny and 72.  What else could we have done, but play hooky from all chores and get outside?

Nothing, that’s what.

We got in the car and drove down to Hingham, to the World’s End reservation.

They have woods, meadows, a rock-and-shell spit of shoreline, a salt marsh, and miles of walking paths designed by no less than Frederick Law Olmstead.

The Peep is a big fan of rockpooling, and was very focused on going straight to the shore.

I took my sweet-arse time and enjoyed the view and the surroundings.

Like I said, the boy loves rockpooling, but it didn’t take very much persuasion to get Larry and/or me into the act.

All too soon, it was time to head back to the car, so we took a different path back.

This one went past part of the salt marsh.

It was a beautiful place, and a beautiful day.  And if you ask the Peep what his favorite part was, he’ll tell you it was peeing outside for the first time.

I have no response to that.

On Sunday we paid the piper, and spent much of the day doing the first phase of spring cleaning:  sorting through the Peep’s outgrown clothes and toys.  Ugh.  The next phase is sorting through the closets.  Double-ugh.  And then we get to the actual cleaning.  Triple-ugh.

But at least it means spring is here.  Or at least, near.

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