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March 16, 2010

Since today is Tuesday, and I’m working from home, AND the sun is out, the Peep and I just took a quick circuit around the house.

He splashed in all the puddles and waved sticks around; that’s what little boys do, you know.  It’s fine, I knew what was in store and made him wear his rain boots.

I inspected the garden.

The indigo, sedum and stonecrop out back are all sending up new sprouts.

The strawberry patch is leafing out nicely; as long as we remember to set out nets to keep the pests out, I think we’ll have a good crop this year.

Nothing from the raspberries or grapes yet; I’m not worried about the raspberries, but I am a little concerned about the grapevines.  Mostly because we only planted them last year, and we don’t really know what to do with them in winter.  Or spring.  So I’m pretty much just watching them for new growth and hoping for the best.

Speaking of hoping for the best, the lawn will need some serious help this year.  Larry never did get the leaves up before the snow came, so the better part of the yard looks like … well … compost.  Ugh.  It’s going to need to be reseeded.  Which means that nobody will be able to walk on it for a week or so.  Which ought to be fun with a rambunctious almost-four-year-old around.  I wonder how early is too early for seeding?

Out front, there are lots and lots of leaves poking up from bulbs, and two actual snowdrops!

Which means that we missed our window of opportunity to get the dead stuff up before they started (thanks very much, mother nature).  It also means it’s time to cut down the butterfly bushes for the spring.  I might set Larry to those jobs this afternoon when he gets home from work, since it’ll still be bright and all.  I’d rather not let them wait until the weekend.

On the weather front, the rains have stopped, and we came out of it all pretty luckily.  Only a few puddles in the basement, and they’ve all dried up now.

The sweater is still damp, though.

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