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March 15, 2010

Well, I finally did it – I seamed up the sweater Saturday night!

Then I wove in the loose ends right before bed.  (I know, the exciting live I lead, right?)

It’s funny; I’d forgotten just how many loose ends you get when you make sweaters in pieces.   Plus I used embroidery floss for the actual seams, which added to the fun.  The upshot is, there were *plenty* of loose ends – see?  Here are the trimmings:

I had Larry take a few “before” shots of the sweater for me Sunday morning:

Then a nice soak, and on to the blocking.  Of course, since today is our third consecutive day of rain, it’ll be a while before it’s dry enough to wear.  And I still don’t have any buttons for it.  Still and all, I’m calling it finished.

I imagine it will relax a bit after the soak.  I hope the body does, anyway.   I may have goofed by not working the sleeve decreases as the pattern directs – they’re much bigger than I expected.  Longer, too, although that doesn’t particularly bother me.  All in all, I’m pretty happy with it.

I’ll get Larry to do another photo shoot once the sweater is dry, so you can see the finished finished product.

I also started a small project for the Peep’s birthday last week, and although I’ve made good progress on it, it’s nothing worth seeing yet.  Hopefully I will finish it up in the next day or so, and can post photos at that point.

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