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February 26, 2010

I’ve finished the two button borders of the neckwarmer, all that remains is the blocking and the button installation.  But since I haven’t purchased said buttons, that last bit will wait.  I don’t care; as long as the blocking happens this weekend, I’m calling it complete in time for the big Olympic finish.

Only thing is, as I was working up the bands, I noticed an awful lot of raw ends of yarn.  I’m hoping most of them are the stitches that I cut as part of the steeking, but I suspect not.  Worst case, after the blocking is over I can take a tapestry needle and backstitch another row of stitches.  Time will tell in that respect.

All of which means it’s back to the sweater for me.  I’m hoping to have it finished and sewn up by next weekend.

Again, save for the buttons.  I’m hoping to make a pilgrimage to the visit the button whisperers very soon, and will bring both projects with me.

On a tech-geeky note, I’ve changed the format of my 2009 Finished Projects page, and will follow that same format when I have some 2010 Finished Projects.   I considered doing the same for the 2006-2008 pages, but it turns out those photos are scattered across at least three computers, and it just doesn’t seem to be worth the effort.  At some point I will make the effort to update the Peep’s page, but that’s about it.

So I hereby declare the great Blog Overhaul of 2010 complete.  Unless you have some feedback or suggestions, of course…

Have a great weekend, and look for updated knitting photos on Monday.

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