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February 18, 2010

I’m 20 rows away from finishing the sleeves on my Central Park cardigan.  I’ve been neglecting my Olympic knitting the past couple of nights in its favor.

I’m afraid I’m torn between two projects, which is really silly since there’s a long ways to go on the sweater (sew up the shoulder seams, knit the collar, knit the button borders, sew up the side and sleeve seams).

Whereas if I focus on the neckwarmer for just a few days, I think I’ll have it finished by the closing ceremonies, no problem.

Stupid ADHD.  Sigh.

In other news, I made one of the all-time-great comfort foods on Sunday:  Shepherd’s Pie.   For some reason I’ve only ever made it once before, and having made it now, I can’t imagine why not.  I used this recipe, which is fantastic  – with the caveat that it makes enough to feed an ARMY.   It filled my biggest casserole dish to the brim.

Then, for dessert I made Baked Fudge.   Swoooooon.

That Pioneer Woman, she’s trouble of the best possible sort.

Project photos tomorrow, with any luck.

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