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February 5, 2010

I haven’t been quite myself these past few days, and have been home and mostly in bed.

This is the Peep, in his “being quiet around Mama” mode.  Don’t worry, it didn’t last very long.  He was running around like a wild thing moments later.

Despite at last having the time to put a serious dent in those sleeves, I haven’t touched my knitting in a few days.  I finished the cuffs the other day, that’s about it.   As it stands now, it will be a minor miracle if the principal knitting is finished before the opening ceremonies next week; there’s no way it will be completely finished and wearable by then.

Which hasn’t stopped me from plotting my Olympics project.  I spent this morning poring through back issues of IK and my shelf-ful of knitting books.

Initially I thought socks, but then I’m still recovering from the Christmas socks, so no.

Then I thought lace, and then realized unless it was lace mitts, it would take more than 16 days.

But then mitts sparked something.  And I thought – hey, how about some colorwork mittens?  I’ve been wanting to try colorwork, Lord knows.  Maybe mittens is the way to go.

So back to the research, this time also including Ravelry and Twist and the like…and that’s when I realized that most colorwork mittens are made with fingering-weight yarn.   Not a 16-day event.

Hats though.  I bet I could muddle through a colorwork hat in 16 days, even if it was made with fingering weight.

And right about then, I found this:

Frost Tapestry, by Robin Melanson

It’s from the Twist Collective’s Winter 2009 issue.

I bet I don’t even need to tell you what happened next.  Pattern purchased and downloaded, yarn chosen and ordered.  Done, Done, and Done.

I know I said hat, but I figure I’ll start with the neckwarmer and see how things go.

Did I mention it involves a steek?

Have a great weekend…

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