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January 15, 2010

I cast on for the fronts of the sweater at the Guild meeting last night.  And then ripped it out when I got home – instead of 2×2 ribbing, it was a bastardized version of box stitch.  Ugh.

Ah well.

This morning I registered the Peep up for preschool next fall.  I can’t imagine how this could have happened – how can my baby be old enough for preschool already?

On the plus side, I had an extra half-hour in the house.  Here’s what an extra 30 minutes buys me in the morning:

  • an unrushed shower.
  • application of eyeliner AND earrings (some days it’s one or the other, but most days it’s neither).
  • hair that’s completely dry when I leave, rather than damp-dry.
  • breakfast with the boy, rather than at my desk in the office.

No looming plans for the weekend.  Our office is closing early today, and we’re closed Monday.  Poor Larry is working a full day today AND Monday – they don’t have MLK Day off.  (boo to them)

On the plus side, though, it means that the Peep and I can meet him at his office this afternoon and have an Eat-Out Friday, rather than our usual Take-Out Friday.  You have to look on the bright side whenever you can…

Have a good weekend and I’ll meetcha back here next week, okay?

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