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January 12, 2010

It’s been a whirlwind few days – I don’t even know when I last posted, everything is just a blur.

I do know my anniversary was Saturday, though – five years.  Larry’s mother took the boy for the weekend, and Larry and I got some library passes and went to the Peabody-Essex Museum, up in Salem.

Here’s the original hall they’re talking about:

Over time they’ve expanded, and now the main foyer is pretty modern.

But beautiful, and to me its got sort of a nautical feel to it.

There are a bunch of seafaring exhibits – a couple of rooms worth of figureheads, and ship models, and the like.  But there are also little nautical bits all over the museum, actually – nothing that smacks you in the mouth, but if you’ve got it in the back of your head you’ll see it.

Like a skylight shaped like a deck prism.

And a porthole from an exhibition room out into a stairwell (husband-mugging-it-up not included).

There’s more to the place than just maritime history, though; it’s part art museum, part museum of antiquities, part building-full-of-lovely-and-interesting-things.  With a scale model of the Taj Mahal thrown in for good measure.

It was a lovely place, and a wonderful afternoon.

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