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December 29, 2009

For months – possibly even years – I’ve had my eye on belts like these:

(from the Sundance Catalog)

(also from Sundance)

(from the Garnet Hill catalog)

But I’ve always had something better to do with a spare $50-$70 (before shipping).

Enter the stash:

I bought this recycled sari silk yarn at the Mass Sheep and Wool festival last spring, and never really knew what to do with it.  Kind of forgot about it, actually.  Until I was pawing through the auxiliary stash in my bedroom looking for the Rhinebeck bag and found it.

The means and the ends collided in my mind, and an idea was born.

A few days of simple knitting, a pair of D rings salvaged from another belt, and voila:

Actually, it doesn’t look like much on its own.  But check this out:

I love how it looks!

Except, being silk and all, it’s very stretchy.  As in, 44 inches in its own stretches to 60-something when it’s actually being worn.

And for all that it’s very sticky (as in, the yarn sticks to itself, like lint sticks to a wool sweater), it’s not very grippy – it keeps sliding through the D-rings and loosens up through the course of the day.

So on the practicality scale of 1-10, it’s about a 2 or a 3.

On the 1-10 style scale, though?  It’s about a 47.

At least to me.

I’m just about to start a pair of basic mittens – I think I might just knock them out by the end of the weekend, which will make it the last project of 2009.

We’ll talk about the first project of 2010 later.

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