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December 17, 2009

We’ve started a new policy in our house over the past few weeks.

We call it “potluck Wednesday”.  I bet you can guess where this is going…

Thursday is trash day at our house, and it seems that we often look into the fridge on say, Sunday, and go “god there’s a lot of old food in here”.  Which then takes up space in the fridge or becomes a lure for the neighborhood wildlife to spend some time in our backyard.

So, for the past few weeks,  I’ve surveyed the takings in the fridge on Tuesday night.  If there are more than two containers of leftovers, that becomes the Wednesday night menu, and whatever doesn’t get eaten gets tossed.  If not, I stick to my original plan for Wednesday dinner.

The first time I tried it, we had leftover meatloaf, a package of brown & serve dinner rolls, and a container of slow-cooker ropa vieja.   Quite a motley crew, right?  But transformed into meatloaf sliders with a side of ropa vieja, it sounds (and tasted) pretty darn good.

Last week we didn’t have anything left over, so we had chicken as planned.  (The Wednesday night slot on my weekly menu planner almost always has “chicken” or “pasta” listed nowadays).

This week we had pea soup and some leftover mozzarella sticks.  Okay, not quite as glamorous, but better than starting dinner from scratch.

I am almost smug about this, you guys.  Calling it “potluck” instead of  “leftovers” gets Larry out of his anti-leftover rut – he hasn’t balked at it so far, and this week he actually did the Tuesday night review with me.   We’re stretching our groceries, which is always nice, and getting a little creative, which is always fun.  Plus it’s fast, which makes for more time for other things, like doing chores playing with the Peep.

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