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November 20, 2009

Today’s my last day at work until the 30th, and I’m surprisingly fairly calm.  Apparently it pays to have a plan and a list…who knew?

I picked up my new glasses this morning (photos over the weekend), so I was a bit late getting into the office.  Yet I was in a good enough place that CC and I took a jaunt over to the mall, where I put most of my birthday gift cards to good use.

Then back to work, where I diligently kicked arse and took names.  I am down to literally one thing that someone will have to deal with next week – that’s a record.

The weekend and the first half of next week will be spent in a cooking and cleaning frenzy.  And then after Thursday I’ll be doing as little as possible.  Got to balance these things out, you know?

Okay, here’s this year’s Thanksgiving menu.



For dessert we’re having the usual pies, ordered in advance from my nephew’s school’s annual fundraiser.  And ice cream.

We’re simplifying, people.  Gone are the curried pumpkin soup and the brined turkey of years past.

Gave up on the pumpkin soup because people only ever ate a teensy bit of it, leaving me with days and days of leftovers.  And it’s a one-trick pony – after about the 3rd day you can’t stand the sight of it.   I think the vegetable leek soup will be better – it’s certainly simpler.

As for the turkey, we’re going to dispense with the brining in the interests of time.  This way we don’t have to get up at midnight to turn the bird over in the bucket.  Interestingly, this new recipe and the brined recipe are nearly identical when it comes to sticking things inside the cavity for roasting.   I’m hoping that the flavors will translate over.  And if it’s truly horrible this year, then it’s back to the brine we go.

I will try to blog here and there next week, but if not – have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend!

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