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November 16, 2009

Supper Club was a wonderful affair – good conversations, food that was meltingly delicious, and the wine that flowed like, well, wine.

Do I have photos?  Negative.  But I do have the menu (to the best of my memory, anyway) of the grilled cheese megathon.  Behold!


– Muenster and tomato on Italian white

– American and bacon on wheat

– Blue cheese, pear and honey on Tuscan white

– Mascarpone and dulce du leche on apple-cinnamon

This last one was dessert.  Swoon!

The Peep had the last vestiges of the dessert sandwich for breakfast, and was delighted.

As I recovered on Saturday, I finished my winter hat.  It still needs blocking, but when the rain stopped on Sunday we went outside for a few pictures.




I love love LOVE this pattern.  The yarn is a bit stiff, though; it needs a warm bath to loosen up a bit.  At the same time, I’m worried that a soak will make the bottom edge stretch out…I need to think carefully before I block this one.

(Stats:  Pattern “Devra 2” by Jennifer Tallapaneni, Yarn “Yarn Over” by Green Mountain Spinnery)

While we were outside the boy decided to play a little Luke Skywalker (we’re over Mario now, and onto Star Wars).


May the Force be with you.

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