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November 12, 2009

I finished the crown of the hat last night, but it was too dark to take photos.  I hope to get the brim taken care of tonight, so perhaps there will be a finished object to show you soon.

It seems that I might be able to squeak the brim out of the remainder from the first skein of the yarn, which means I’ll have a full second skein to play with.  I was initially thinking mittens, but the yarn is pretty scratchy stuff, I think it would rip my hands to shreds.

I was on Ravelry looking for inspiration on something I could make with it that wouldn’t touch my skin.   Maybe a bag, maybe a couple of those felted bowls, something like that.

But then I found a few two-colored mitten patterns, which is genius:  You get the warmth of the wooly yarn, and you carry the contrast yarn along inside, and it peeks through periodically.  This essentially makes a whole inner layer with the contrast yarn, and as long as I pick something soft, it should be easy on my hands.  I haven’t poked into the stash to see what I have that will suit, but I feel inspired.  I’ve just about got my heart set on this pattern here.

The fact that I haven’t really ever knit with two colors (except for about two inches worth on my Tomato sweater) is completely beside the point.

My guild meeting is tonight, but I’m not going.  I’m too dang tired, my house is too dang messy, and I’m just not in the dang mood.  So there.

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