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November 9, 2009

It’s been quite an eventful couple of days; where to begin?  Let’s see…

First, Larry and I had a couple of doctor’s appointments Friday morning, and we took the rest of the day off.  In Phase I of Operation Mouse-B-Gone, we pulled every last item out of the pantry – including the shelving – and did a thorough scrubbing and culling.  Out went the old appliances we’d been saving as backups.  Out went any package that showed signs of chewage, or whose best-by date had passed.  Things that remained unscathed were put into another protective layer of something (cardboard, plastic, or ziploc) before begin restocked.

Aside from anything else, we have a ton more shelf space in there now, which means that we definitely had more junk (food and otherwise) than we needed.

In Phase II of OMBG, we borrowed a cat.

This is Evie.


She’s my brother’s family cat, and they were gracious enough to lend her to our crusade.

Don’t let the fact that she’s sleeping on a Shoes-Under beneath my dresser fool you; so far she’s caught two mice, and nearly caught a third (this last one is Larry’s fault –  he startled her while she was batting it around, and it got away).

I’m not gonna lie; I’ve never been much of a cat person.  But seriously, I’m beginning to be converted.  Plus she’s a pretty personable cat – not up in your face all the time, but not completely standoffish either.  Informal discussions pertaining to feline acquisition have already begun…

But, even in the face of an open-ended visit from Evie, the Peep was fairly listless all day on Friday.  Then he had a terrible night’s sleep – cried all night long, pretty much.  But no fever, and when we asked him what hurt, he just kept saying “I don’t feel well”.

He woke up his usual cheery self Saturday morning (at 6!), but the downward spiral began shortly thereafter.  By 10 he started with the “I don’t feel well”s, and fell asleep at 11.  I was a little worried, but then I figured (hoped) that he was so tired because he’d been up all night.

But no.

He woke up at 4 with a crazy-high fever.  102.6, his all-time high.  Barfed up the Tylenol, and his dinner.  I was all set to bring him to the hospital, called the doctor first to see whether there was anything else I could try.

Surprisingly, the doctor told me NOT to bring him in.  She said that he undoubtedly had a flu, and whether it was H1N1 is purely academic.  The treatments are the same, and he’s not high risk.  And if anything, he’d be exposed to worse things than he already had, so it was best to keep him home.

She said if the fever lasts for more than 5 days, or if he starts to show signs of an ear infection or something, call back, but otherwise let it run its course.

So that’s what we’ve been doing.  He’s had long naps and terrible nights of sleep.  The fever comes and goes, and the Motrin takes a long while to kick in, but the highs don’t seem to be as high, and the lows seem to last longer.  He barfed up most everything he ate/drank yesterday, but so far he’s held everything down today.  He hasn’t taken a nap yet today, so I’m hoping things are on the upswing, and he’ll sleep good tonight.  God knows Larry and I need a good night sleep…

I went into the office on Sunday and picked up my laptop, so I’m working at home today and tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure that nobody at work would appreciate my sharing the bug with them.  Here’s hoping things are back to normal by Wednesday.

The only minor upside of all this staying home is, I had more knitting time than usual.  And I finally finished Larry’s socks.


I am hereby declaring that I will not be knitting any more socks in 2009.

Unless they’re for me.

But I did cast on for my next project, the Devra hat by Jennifer Tallapaneni.  Nothing to see yet, I’m only on row 7.  But there are only 40-something rows to the whole thing, so it shouldn’t be too long before I have a photo worth sharing.


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