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October 22, 2009

Although there has been knitting, there’s no camera to capture it, so today we’ll do a little book review.

(First, a disclaimer:  I was contacted by the publisher and offered an advance copy of this book, provided that I post a review for it.  I’m not getting otherwise compensated in anyway.)

Knit the Season is the latest installment in the series that began in 2007 with The Friday Night Knitting Club.   It is the third installment; Knit Two was published last year.  If you haven’t read the first two, you won’t be entirely in the weeds if you start with Knit the Season, although some of the casual references will be lost on you.

We pick up the story a year and a half after the close of KTwo – five or six years after the end of FNKC.  Dakota Walker is the center of this book, although some attention is given to Peri and Catherine.

(a quick aside:  it’s REALLY hard to write a review without drawing from the previous books for references)

Anyhoo, Dakota is an aspiring chef enrolled in cooking school.  She shuttles home on the weekends and works in the yarn shop managed by Peri, who also has a burgeoning pocketbook business.   It’s autumn, and the group (Catherine, Anita, Darwin, KC and Lucie, all women of varying ages and circumstances) is making their holiday plans.  Dakota has a job offer to intern at a posh hotel in the city over Christmas, but her family is planning a trip to Scotland.   Controversy ensues, and I won’t tell you how it works out.

There are some flashback passages – back to the first two books and even before – which all help to round out the larger story a bit.  A couple of long-standing storylines are nicely wrapped up as well.  And a couple of interesting ones are started off, neatly laying the groundwork for many books to come (I can only hope).

Oh, and there’s knitting scattered throughout, along with recipes and knitting patterns.

All in all, if you’ve enjoyed the first two books in the series, chances are you’ll enjoy this one too.

Knit the Season is set to be released on November 3rd.  Which gives you plenty of time to read the other two books if you’re so inclined.  Again, not mandatory; I’m just saying.

Also,  Kate Jacobs wrote another book I read earlier in this year and thoroughly enjoyed – somehow I missed the fact that she was the author, and didn’t realize it until I saw the cover of KTS.  It’s not about knitting, it’s about food (which as you know is also near and dear to my heart).  It’s called Comfort Food, and I heartily recommend it as well.

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