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October 16, 2009

I’m leaving the office early today, to hit the open road and go west, young reader.

Only about 200 miles west, but west nonetheless.


Knitters need no explanation.  But for non-knitters, Rhinebeck is the largest sheep and wool festival in the country.  There will be sheep and yarn aplenty – like our trip to Cummington last spring, only exponentially larger.

I expect my pile of loot to also be exponentially larger – in fact, Larry encouraged me to consume conspicuously; this trip and the associated spending is my birthday present from him to me.

The only person who may not be quite so thrilled at the prospect of my departure, is the Peep.   Larry’s mom is taking him for the night, so we don’t even think he’ll know I’m away, but he definitely knows something is up.  He was a little clingy when I left for work this morning, for one thing.  And he was giving the suitcase in the hallway a dirty look.

Hopefully I’ll find a little something to bring him back, so he’ll forgive me for abandoning him for 36 whole hours.

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