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October 6, 2009

We did get the fridge down into the basement on Saturday, but it wasn’t easy.  The indoor stairs to the basement are narrow and curvy, so it was the outside door or nothing.  Except the outside door is only half-height.  So it was a study in the principles of geometry to get the thing outside, down the front stairs, around the house, up the driveway, through the hatch and into position.

Then we realized there wasn’t an outlet in the spot we’d settled it in.  So we had to run a long extension cord up through the ceiling joists.

But all’s well that ends well –  in the basement it is, and in the basement it shall stay.

One of Larry’s co-workers gave him a pair of tickets to Sunday’s Red Sox game.  Larry’s mom took the Peep for the afternoon, and we took the train in.  It had rained overnight and early in the morning, and the sky was definitely threatening at the beginning of the game, but a few innings in the sun broke through and it warmed up quite a bit.




We didn’t stay for the whole game – by the sixth inning, I think they were just about to let the batboys take a few swings… that’s how it goes on the last day of the season when the playoffs are merely days away, you know?

Yesterday was my next-to-last physical therapy appointment, and both the trainer and I are pleased with the progress over the past month.   I wouldn’t say I’m 100% cured, but I’m at least 80% better than I was.  I have a final appointment next week, and then I’ve resolved to keep doing the exercises for good.  When I met with the orthopedist last week for my follow-up, she said if it gets worse, surgery might become an option, and I am determined to avoid that.

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