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September 30, 2009

Sublime: The new fridge was finally delivered today.

Ridiculous: It fits wonderfully width-wise, but not height-wise.

While the width is narrow enough for it to fit in the assigned spot, it was too wide to fit through the front door, so they had to take the doors off to get it inside.  And then once it got into the kitchen, we found that it’s about an inch too tall – like many old houses (around here at least), we’ve got those mini-cabinets above the fridge spot.  Ours is loaded with stuff we use about once a year, just because they’re a pain in the arse to get to.


So, in addition to “insulate the basement ceiling” and “move old fridge to basement”, we’ve just added “cabinet removal” to the weekend to-do list.  And needless to say, “find a place to put all the stuff that formerly resided in those mini cabinets”.

Double sigh.

On the knitting side, I started a new project last night – a raglan sweater for the Peep, knit in the round with chunky yarn.  Ninety minutes worth of knitting got me through two inches, so I feel pretty comfortable in saying that this will go quickly.

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