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September 14, 2009

It was cold here on Saturday – we had to close all the windows and put on an extra layer (although some of that can be chalked up to our house always being cool).   I did the grocery shopping and otherwise stayed put.

I finished the leg cuffs of the last pair Christmas socks, but alas, no photos.

Saturday night we decided that the Peep was overdue for a haircut.  But instead of buzzing him like usual, I thought it would be better to just give him a trim around the ears.  It’s getting a little cold for a whiffle, we thought.

Bad idea.

Larry held him on his lap and I started trimming.  And after about a minute, he zigged, I zagged, and I nicked his ear.

Holy mother of pearl, it was TERRIBLE.

He was screaming!  He was bleeding!  He was crying!  We dropped him into the tub, which of course only amplified the bleeding!  We took him out, and tried to blot it with a tissue – he bled through the tissue!  We tried a band-aid – but he hates band-aids, and that only whipped up the terror level!

Finally we blotted it with a washcloth, and after about 10 minutes the bleeding stopped.  We slathered it with vaseline, and that was that.  It took him almost an hour to calm down enough, and then he had a rough night sleep.

It took me a lot longer than that to calm down, and I too had a rough night sleep.  Oh the guilt!

Of course, he’s fine now, and there’s only the tiniest little scab to show for it.

I’ll be better in a couple of days, I’m sure.

Yesterday was a day of piddling around the house with not much to show for it.  Although we did manage to take out the air conditioners for the year.  Hoorah.

Of course, it’s 80 degrees today.  Figures.

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