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August 31, 2009

About a week ago, we had the following exchange in the car:

Peep:  I think I want a chocolate donut.
Me:  Not today, honey.
Peep:  Maybe we can make some at home.
Me:  Not today, I don’t even have a recipe.
Peep:  What’s a recipe?
Me: It’s a list you use to make things.
Peep:  We can get a recipe and make some.
Me:  Honey, we can’t make them today, we don’t have any chocolate.
Peep:  How about a strawberry donut?
Me: We don’t have strawberries, either.
Peep:  We have grapes though…

I ordered a donut pan and mix from our friends at King Arthur, and the box arrived on Thursday.  Somehow we got the boy to wait until Saturday.



Mixing the batter was simplicity itself; no more difficult than a box cake or brownie mix.


We cleaned up while they were in the oven.


And 14 minutes later, tah-dah!


We let them cool for a bit, then had one each.  A short while later I started chopping vegetables for soup.  I don’t have any photos of that, because it just wasn’t all that glamorous.

The other three donuts were gone before I started actually cooking the soup, haha.  They were “okay”.  They were essentially chocolate sponge-cake donuts, ie., a cake mix poured into a donut pan.  The donut pan had a couple of recipes printed on the label, so I think we’ll give those a whirl soon.

Oh, the soup?  Vegetable-Leek, using Alton Brown’s recipe .  I went lighter on the green beans because that’s what I had on hand, and I didn’t bother peeling the tomatoes before I added them.  Other than that I pretty much followed it exactly, and the only criticism I have is that he doesn’t specify what kind of potatoes to use – I used red bliss, and while they maintained their shape just fine, they were completely neutral, didn’t add or detract one bit.

In other news, my leg kicked up something fierce this weekend, so finally I wrangled an appointment with an orthopedic specialist today.  I don’t have ankle tendinitis at all.  They think I have a compressed nerve in my knee, and that’s what’s causing all the pain down my leg, through my ankle and into my toes.  Fun huh?

There is knitting progress, but I’m saving it for tomorrow.  Have a good night.

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