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August 27, 2009

When I was a kid, the playgrounds had all sorts of death-defying amenities:  the climbing structure shaped like a stagecoach (complete with wooden bench seating below the 7-foot-high bars), the swing set with gravel underneath, and of course the merry-go-round.

The merry-go-round at our park was metal, with farm animals to ride on (also metal), surrounded by gravel.

It was the best!  You’d sit on the animal of your choice and your friends would spin it around and around and around until you either fell off or got too dizzy to stand.   Any loose items that you were silly enough to bring with you – hats, candy, etc – were wrenched away by the mighty power of centrifugal force.

Whenever I feel like I’m running a little too ragged, I’m mentally right back on that merry-go-round again, losing my grip on everything in spite of my best efforts, and getting dizzy in the process.

Like this week….

Since I was in the office on Tuesday, this week’s laundry hasn’t gotten washed, and is starting to pile up.

Since my mother is somewhat focused on other things lately, my son has been at my mother-in-laws a couple of days.  Which means he’s out of his routine, with all the challenges that entails – he’s up much earlier, so he’s more tired by the end of the day, which means he’s overtired at bedtime, which in turn means bedtime has become a battle royale.

I’ve been too bone tired at the end of each day to do even the most rudimentary straightening up.

Did I mention we’re having company tonight?

Thankfully, they’re friends, and it’s not the first time they’ll be over.  I hope they’ll bask in the glory of grilled meat, juicy gossip, and knitting, and will be able to ignore the general disarray.

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  1. August 27, 2009 10:30 pm

    hahaha. Success! another great night in the smiths back yard. thanks!

  2. August 28, 2009 10:01 am

    Have a great weekend. With Danny on the way you’ll have plenty of time to do laundry!

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