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August 24, 2009

In the end, Larry and I went out to dinner at a local restaurant, and headed home.  We knocked off a few nagging chores between Friday night and Saturday morning, then headed over to pick up the Peep.

Sunday was spent avoiding the great outdoors to the best of my ability – it was beastly out there – hot and humid.  Even after a few waves of thunderstorms it was still soupy, ugh!

Nevertheless I managed to bring in another few pounds of tomatoes, a fat fistful of green beans, and these little jewels


which, while falling short of the packet’s estimated length of 5 inches (which I think is because the soil level in the bed where they were planted is only about 5 inches), is still a successful harvest in my opinion, having never grown carrots before.

It’s too late to plant another round of seeds this year, I’m afraid, but these give me hope for next year – I’ve even already got a deeper plot in mind.

I also worked away on Liesl, and have passed the armholes and am working down the body.  I will use the last of the first ball of yarn tonight, at which time I’ll take photos for you.  There’s only one more ball to go, so while there’s some worry about running out, I’ve got a plan.

I’ll keep you in suspense, til tomorrow.

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