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August 17, 2009

We woke up Saturday morning and decided to take a drive down to the Roger Williams Zoo.





It was blazing hot, but the zoo is really well-planned.  There are big stands of bamboo all over the place, so you’re in the shade almost all the time.  And in the middle of the largest exposed area they have a little water feature that’s just begging to be played with.


The zoo is situated in the middle of a large park, so I packed lunch and after visiting the zoo we had a little picnic under a shady tree next to the lake.



It was a great day.

On Sunday I had to pay a visit to the local emergency room; I’ve had some ongoing ankle discomfort for a while now, but it was never swollen or anything, so I’ve just been dealing with it.  Yesterday it ramped up, and I had pins and needles running up and down my leg, so I thought it was best to get it looked at.  Turns out I’ve got tendinitis.

Treatment:  ibuprofen 3 times a day, period.  No “stay off it”, no “scale down your activities”, not even a “tell your husband to do the housework for a few days”.  Sigh.

On the bright side, I picked a bowlful of sweet red goodness this weekend:


To the tune of nearly two pounds of paste tomatoes.  I’ll be pureeing and freezing these babies in the next day or so; there are a few more out on the vine that weren’t quite ready for primetime, so it’s worth holding on to these and do the full batch together.

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