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August 13, 2009

Today is a bonus work-at-home day for me.

I use the word “bonus” loosely, since the only reason I’m home is because the washing machine is acting up, and I’m waiting for the repair guy to show up.

The Peep is at my mother-in-law’s today, so I’ve got the joint to myself.  It’s amazing how productive I am when (a) I don’t have to get myself washed, dressed, and to the office in the morning, and (b) the television isn’t blaring.

I can actually hear myself think, people.

I just took a break and went outside to survey the garden.  Wanna see?

The butterfly bushes have surpassed all expectations this year – they tower almost to the porch railings.


The color is just tremendous.


They’re supposed to be upright, but last year then never got this big so we didn’t stake them, and now it’s an impossible task.  Nonetheless, the overall effect is pretty pleasing to my eye.


We’re pretty happy with the way the grapes are working out, too.  One has sprouted up to almost 7 feet tall.


The other one is much shorter,


and would almost be sad if it didn’t have a secret hidden among its leaves.


I can hardly believe it myself.  I have no idea if this vine is shorter because it’s setting fruit, or whether it’s setting fruit simply because it’s a more mature vine, or what.  I really need to get a book on growing grapes, I guess.

The raspberries are in a lull at the moment, and we’re getting a handful of blackberries every few days.

And…that’s kind of it.  The peppers are an almost complete bust, and the tomatoes are struggling.


We’ve gotten a couple of runty ones a day for the past few days, but I don’t think we’re going to get enough of them at any one time to put anything away for the winter.   We haven’t gotten a single cherry tomato yet this  – and last year we were picking them by the bowlful.

Ah well, there’s always next year.

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