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July 23, 2009

Not too much happening around here this week.

Larry wound up working pretty late Monday night, so I wasn’t able to start the second pair of socks until Tuesday.

But they’re going like wildfire – here’s where they’re at right now, after a little knitting lunch:


The colors aren’t accurately portrayed, andthe photo is a bit dark – but it’s raining, and this was the best I could do for natural light.

I still feel like I can get to the heel flap by Friday, and if I can turn the heel over the weekend, I’ll definitely finish them before I leave.

Can you tell I’m fixated on my vacation?

We’re going up to the farm as usual (can you believe it’ll be my family’s 30th year?), so it’ s not the thrill of the unknown that’s so exciting.  I just really need to get away for a bit, feeling pretty burnt out lately.  And the prospect of no cooking or housework for a whole week only adds to the attraction of escape.

So I’ve been watching the long-term forecast (my mother monitors the weather in Keene year-round, and now she’s got my husband doing it too; I limit myself to two weeks prior to departure), making my lists, and trying to decide whether to try to make a side trip to Harrisville (not this year, I think).

As for the Peep, he’s stoked.  I don’t know how much of the past 2 trips he remembers, but he’s mentioned the chicken coop and the baby pigs throughout the past year, so I think he at least remembers the highlights.  He’s big enough this year to do more of the activities (they have a couple of counselor-type teens who keep the kids very busy all week), I think, so this’ll be a banner year for him.

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