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July 13, 2009

Last week I mentioned that the bee balm was just about to pop.  CC left a comment asking “what’s bee balm?”.

Bee balm belongs to the Monarda family of perennial plants.  Also known as Wild Bergamot, the flowers smell like Earl Grey tea.  And they’re pretty showy.



We planted two of these plants on this side of the yard last year, and they have spread like crazy.  We bought two more this spring for the other side, although they’re a different variety and haven’t bloomed yet.

The butterfly bushes are just starting to bloom too?


These suckers have gotten really tall, I guess from all the rain.  See?


Friday we had our annual company outing – in a departure from years past, we spent the day lounging poolside at one of the partners’ homes.  It was an absolutely delightful day, and just what I needed.

On Saturday we went to my nieces’ birthday party – phase I at the local Build-a-Bear workshop, phase II at the local pizza joint.  We got home around 5, and I was asleep by 8.  And slept til 8:30 the next morning.  Didn’t feel like myself all day, and in fact crashed again around 8:30.  Phooey.

I did manage to finish the Beach Glass shawl on Friday night, and I blocked it on Sunday.  I was going to wait and post the photos tomorrow, but hey – no time like the present, right?

Here we are before blocking (40″ wide by 19″ long):


And after a Eucalan bath and a few hours with the blocking kit (54″ wide x 27″ long):


I could not be happier with this project – great pattern, wonderful yarn, an absolute joy all around.

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  1. July 17, 2009 9:03 pm

    wow! the shawl is beautiful, as are the flowers. I bought a bunch of aqua globes & my plants are all still alive after a week away. yay! see you monday!

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