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Underwear Friday!

July 3, 2009

Since WordPress has an iPhone app, I thought I’d try to semi-live blog about our adventures on Underwear Friday.

8:45am- after using the potty, the first pair of undies (Spider-Man and Iron Man) went on.

9:00am- laid a Sham-Wow across the couch as a precaution.

9:30am- breakfast.

9:50am- juice.

10:00am- sat on the potty for a couple of minutes, to no avail.

10:05am- read “Time To Pee”, hoping to inspire.

10:10am- went upstairs with Dada.

10:25am- came downstairs triumphantly! No poop yet, though.

10:30am- Still wearing original pair of undies, by the way.

10:45am- sat on the portable potty to try to poop, but no dice. I think he likes the idea of big-boy bumwipes (we bought Candoos) more than anything.

11:00am- he just peed. On the rug.

11:02am- second pair of undies applied (Lightning McQueen).

11:35am- he’s been sitting on the big potty for 10 minutes without doing anything. I wonder if I should take away his videogame?

11:45am- it worked! I took away the Nintendo, and he pooped! Granted, it was the equivalent of a skidmark, but I’ll take it.

12noon- recap: 3 hours, 5 trips to the potty, 4 whizzes, 1 poop, 2 pairs of undies. All in all, better than I’d hoped.

12:30pm- Left the boys home while I ran a quick errand, and came back to find a wet-bottomed boy. Sigh.

1:00pm- the sun’s out! We’re heading outside after one more visit to the potty. Only going in the backyard, so I’m not going to bother with shorts.

1:30pm- raspberries, yum.

2:00pm- I deadheaded some plants out front. The Peep sat on the potty while I was outside, but nothing.

2:15pm- lunch.

2:30pm- peed on the potty!

2:31pm- stood up, pulled up his drawers, high-fives all around, and … he peed. On the rug. Fourth pair of undies in full effect.

2:45pm- out back outside to do a little garden work. Come in to a wet couch, another pair of wet undies, and an irritated Larry. Underwear pair #5.

3:05pm- my dad just showed up unannounced, with a niece in tow. This has disaster written all over it.

3:30pm- They just left. With nowhere to sit (see 2:45), we stayed out on the front porch. After they left, we came in, sat on the potty, and bingo! Worked like a charm.

3:50pm- Apparently he wasn’t quite empty; the last dry couch cushion is no longer dry. Sigh. Underwear pair #6.

4:30pm- Have spent the past 15 minutes in the bathroom. I think the distraction factor is the biggest challenge – way too many things to play with, even in here.

4:45pm- We just put away all of the vedeogames, and told him that he won’t get to play with them until he does a poop. He went straight to the potty and sat down.

4:50pm- And he’s up. Sigh.

5:00pm- He went into the hallway for a few seconds, and came back having pooped his pants. Ugh! I think all of us have had enough for today; we just put a diaper on him.

We’ll do it again tomorrow, but I probably won’t blog about it til Monday.

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  1. Lisa permalink
    July 4, 2009 8:58 am

    That was a lot of pee in a half hour for a little guy like him! (2:30-2:45) I’ve never potty trained anyone before, but IMHO it sounds like you did a great job.

    Love that you used a Sham-Wow by the way! Have a great (dry?) weekend Dina!

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