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June 22, 2009

Larry had a nice Father’s Day, thanks for asking.  He got coffee and presents in bed, special french toast for brunch, and a nice afternoon nap to boot.

The summer solstice was yesterday, too, although you’d never know it from the weather; it’s been rainy and cool for the past who knows how long.

The only way I can really tell that it’s summer is that we ate the first raspberries and strawberries of the year out of our own backyard (do I have photographs?  Sadly I do not.  Perhaps next time).

The other telltale sign of summer is that the Fedco bulb catalog arrived the other day.  Just as I know winter is almost over when the spring seed catalogs arrive, I mark the beginning of summer by the fall-planting catalogs.  (Yes, I am dorky.)

You may recall that last year I went on a little spree in the bulb catalog, resulting in a front yard that some might call exuberant but I think is merely festive.   Larry has forbidden any more tulip-buying, but if you think that’s going to stop me from buying any more bulbs, you are so wrong.

For one thing, the fancy alliums I planted are finally opening up – I’d thought they were all duds, but it turns out they’re late bloomers.  Which I would have known if I had just referred back to the catalog.  Duh.


But boy were they worth the wait.

The only regret I have is that because they bloom in the lull between spring bulbs and midsummer perennials, they’re a little bit lost in a sea of green.

Perhaps I’ll plant more along the white fence, where they’d be a little more noticeable.

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