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June 15, 2009

Friday night went by in a blur; we were caught up in a frenzy of cleaning the house in expectation of company on Saturday.  We were planning on a cookout, but since it has rained nearly every day this month, we wanted to be sure the house was presentable.

Luckily, Saturday was a wonderful day and everybody spent most of the time outside.  I took a few photos, but I’m sorry to say that they are uniformly unflattering, and I’d face a lynch mob if I posted them.

The only problem all day was a good problem to have –  everybody was a little overzealous in the sharing department (ie, everyone came with something to eat and/or drink), and I couldn’t keep up – there were two desserts (Italian ice and fresh watermelon) that never made it outside, as well as a few condiments (grilled peppers and onions, and pickles).

My fridge couldn’t hold all the leftovers, either, so everyone went home with a goody bag, and there was enough surplus to send a care package over to my parents and my brother’s family.   Our freezer is now stocked with enough chicken and cured meat to last us several weeks, and there’s more than a case’s worth of beer in my fridge at the moment.

So if you’re ever in the neighborhood and want to drop by for a cold one, feel free!

Needless to say there was no knitting this weekend.  I did look at the Beach Glass pattern, but the chart needs to be enlarged a bit, which is a project for another day.  I will stick to the Christmas socks for the time being, I think.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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