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June 1, 2009

We took a ride over to the garden center on Saturday, and after a few words of advice from one of the employees there, we bought four perennial geraniums for the front yard.

Yeah, I didn’t know there was such a thing either.  Geraniums to me are consummate container annuals, period.

I haven’t taken any photos of them yet, I want to give them a chance to settle in first.  Plus I want to get some mulch to cover up the sawed-off remains of the spring bulbs.

I also went to my nieces’ dance recital on Saturday (Larry and the Peep sat that one out).  I made them each a little bouquet of knitted roses for the occasion:




There are 3 flowers in each color.  I ran the yarn tails for each flower down into a bendy straw, then wrapped green yarn around the three straws held together.  I’m pretty happy with them, actually.  The pattern was meant to embellish a hair elastic, and I told my sister-in-law that if the girls were interested I’d take the flowers back and do that.

Of course, the girls only had eyes for the fresh flowers they got.  Can’t blame them, really.  Maybe once the flowers wither and die they’ll notice the ones from me.

Larry battled a rasping cough for most of last week, and by Friday I had it too; it’s worse than ever today and I’m sure I’m driving my co-workers crazy with it.

Ah well, I’m working at home tomorrow so they’ll have a bit of a break from me.  I don’t feel sick at all, it’s just this cough.  I hope I kick it in the next day or so, since we’re leaving for our annual Block Island weekend trip on Friday and I don’t want to be sick – or have to pack cold remedies.

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