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May 29, 2009

Last week I finally cast on for a set (two pairs) of two-at-a-time socks.

I took a little break (four days) to whip up a secret project that I will share with you next week, but then it was right back to the socks.

Here’s what they looked like on Tuesday:

IMG_5958(cuff at bottom of photo, heel flap at top)

And what they look like today:


Okay, so they’re baby socks.  It still counts!  I’ve just about got the hang of the technique now, so the second two socks should go pretty quickly.

CC has also been cranking out the baby projects of late.  First, a little crocheted number that is just adorable:

IMG_5961Check out the daisies:


Plus a little baby kimono:


Amazing how small details can make such a big impact, isn’t it?


Tomorrow my nieces have their first dancing-school recital, and I think there’s a(nother) trip to the garden center in my future.

I’m determined to plant something in the front yard that is (a) a perennial, (b) a spreader, and (c) won’t interfere with the bulbs next spring and vice versa.  I’ve poked around enough online to know that I don’t know what to get; time to ask the experts.

Beyond that, no plans, yippeee!  Have a great weekend!

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