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May 26, 2009

Hope you all had a great weekend.

I spent much of Sunday and Monday out in the backyard, soaking up the sun.  I was a little bit red around the shoulders yesterday, but it’s receded to a nice brown today.  Larry calls that the recipe for a “pissah” tan.

I wasn’t the only one enjoying the weather; our garden is coming to life.  I went out earlier and took a bunch of photos for you.

Starting out back, the false indigo bushes are starting to bloom:



We have the first strawberries ripening:


And I don’t think the raspberries will be too far behind:


I don’t have high hopes for an abundance of grapes this year, but the vines are growing like crazy.  I’m sorry to say that the pictures I took of those didn’t come out very well.  Ditto for the vegetable bed; the shame aside (most of the seedlings I put outside are dead, and I had to replace them with store-bought plants – next year I’m going back to starting them in mid-March), the photos were from a screwy angle and blurry to boot.  I’ll send Larry out to take some good ones tonight.

Moving around the house, the peonies on the side of the path are just about to burst:


I can’t wait till they pop open.


Out front, the alliums are just about spent:


I really need to plant something out there to take the place of the spring bulbs; once I cut the dead foliage out it’ll be just a patch of cracked earth otherwise.  There are other things planted in the front of the bed, and along the house, but the whole middle is a blank slate once the bulbs are gone.

Speaking of the fronts of the beds, the salvia and sage are coming into their own.



The Peep still likes to walk the plank out there whenever he gets the chance…



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