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May 24, 2009

It’s been an action-packed few days around here.

Thursday has been the laziest day so far, and even that was fairly active.  The Peep and I took a walk to my brother’s house around middayand he splashed around in the wading pool with his cousins for a bit.  We picked up the car late in the afternoon (it looks great, although I fear we’re just about due for a break job).

On Friday we did the grocery shopping early, then went over to the local zoo.  It’s fairly small, which makes it just about perfect for the Peep; we were there for about two hours.  His favorites this time around were the otters and the bats.  We bought a family membership to the zoo organization a couple of months ago, so it’s free admission for us at a bunch of local zoos – perfect for daytrips for the rest of the summer.

Yesterday CC, Veronica and I met early in the morning and drove out to the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair.

Thanks to a stop at Dunkin, we needed to use the facilities about an hour into the ride, and pulled into a rest area.  A beekeeper had a tent set up there and was selling honey, beeswax, and honeycombs.  I bought a stick of beeswax, thinking there would be a beekeeper at the fair, but alas no.  The woman confirmed my suspicions that you could have a hive in a city yard without real danger to any people, which I have filed away for future review.

After that we were on to the fair.  And woweeeee, what a feast for the senses:  The vividly colored yarns and fleeces.  The smell of grilling lamb (and scented soaps).  The sounds of the sheep and lambs in the show barns.  The soft yet rough feel of their fleeces, still slippery with lanolin.  The taste of maple cream (which I really should have bought a jar of).

We spent several hours there, and went through each vendor booth a couple of times.  There were about a zillion things I wanted to buy, but in the end I exercised an admirable restraint, and only bought a few things:


a pair of shearling slippers for the Peep

a ball of yarn made in Nepal from recycled saris (really)

a shawl kit (it’s an Anne Hanson pattern, how could I resist?)

a sterling silver shawl pin

We also spent a good bit of time talking with some spinners and a few different hand-dyers.  I am really looking forward to learning how to use my spindle, and I think CC will be in the market for a wheel at next years’ fair.

Like I said, there were an abundance of lovely things, but in the end the colors of Judy Jacobs’ hand-dyes drew me in;  her colorways have a way of capturing the light like I’ve never seen.  I’m thrilled with the Trevi kit I got, and the skein of merino/cashmere to make it in, but I’m kicking myself for not snapping up her Beach Glass kit when I had the chance (that Ravelry link is the best I could do; sorry).

As for Veronica, all the wooly goodness didn’t make  her  want to learn to knit (and I still don’t want to knit for her), but we’re in negotiations to strike a bargain:  the graphic designer will use her sense of color to dye yarns, and the knitter will use them to make her something.  Not bad, right?

After that, it was back to Northampton and a walk around downtown for a bit, then off to Webs.  I bought all the fixins for my Christmas knitting:


Then Red Robin for a late lunch/early dinner, and back to civilization.  It was a really great day – good weather, good friends, good food, good times.

We won’t discuss the traffic at the tollbooths, okay?  What happens on the Pike, stays on the Pike.

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  1. May 24, 2009 9:21 pm

    yes a great day! I went straight to ravelry when I got home for ideas on the yarns from india. Love them!

    and before I read this, I did spill the beans about what veronica wanted to say to the lovely woman who cut us off on the pike. classic V.

    I def. want to be spinning next year but shouldnt I have a bigger place to live first??? though that guy who made the ones in the box could sway me. …

  2. May 26, 2009 11:02 pm

    My face hurt from all the laughing on Sat. What a fabulous time!!

    Ahaha…indeed what happens on the Pike, stays on the Pike :o)

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