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May 15, 2009

Yesterday I spent a lovely morning cooling my heels in the insurance claims center, trying to drop off my car for (the final round of) repairs and pick up a rental car.  Two hours later I finally was able to head into the office.

Yeah, good times all around.  At least I’ve got a semi-cool rental for a change:

(click to go to the Charger website)

(click to go to the Charger website)

I had the option of this or a Corolla, but I thought this would be easier to get the car seat into.   And it is.  What I failed to consider, though, is that the Corolla would get exceptional mileage, whereas the Charger not so much.  Doh!

But hopefully it’ll be less than a week, and I don’t have any big trips planned, so I’m sure it’ll be fine.   Our regular car only gets about 16 city, so how much worse can this thing be?  It’s not the Hemi model or anything…

In other news, the alliums have begun to pop open!


Seeing them just makes me happy.


Not much on tap for the weekend; I’m getting a haircut, and I really need to plant those tomatoes and peppers outside, but other than that we’re just hoping to lay low.

Oh, and I want to finish the log cabin blanket.  I’ve been sticking to my one-strip-per-night goal, and I think I can pull it off by the end of the weekend, actually.  See?


Only three strips to go, and then four (cream-colored) strips for the border, and I’m done.  It’s just about 18 x 15 now, and when it’s done it’ll be something like 28 x 24, which is pretty much perfect for a stroller blanket in my opinion.

And then it’s on to the two-at-a-time socks.  I know I’ve been saying this since Christmas, but this time I mean it.

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