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May 13, 2009

Sublime: Fitting into size 6 jeans (of a non-mommy-jean variety and everything!)

Ridiculous: Having to buy shorts in size 8 … or 10

I’ve written about my beloved old jeans a few times now; finally I’ve done something about it.

Before I put my cards into consolidation as part of our financial overhaul,  I cashed in my rewards points into $95 of Old Navy gift cards.

Here’s what I got with that $95 (okay, actually $108 including shipping):

  • 1 pair mid-rise jeans
  • 1 pair mid-rise denim shorts
  • 1 pair mid-rise twill/chino/khaki (depending on where you live) shorts
  • 2 pairs cargo shorts for the Peep
  • 4 tee shirts (assorted colors)

(Not bad, right?)

I ordered the jeans in a mid-rise cut, size 6, since that’s the size of all my other Old Navy jeans, and the cut of my old favorites.

I have a couple of pairs of shorts from Old Navy too, in both size 6 and 8 – I tried them on before ordering, and the 8s seemed to fit better, so I ordered the new shorts in an 8 as well.

And I’ve been a size M in their tee shirts since I turned 30 (before that I was an S), so there was no need to worry about that.

When the package arrived, the fun started:

Tried the shorts on the Peep, and they fit like a dream.

Tried the jeans on, and they fit fine, although little stiff.  But that’s the new-jean thing; I wore them Monday and they eased out nicely.  Totally fine.

Tried the denim shorts on – well, I attempted to try them on, since they were really short-waisted, and really tight both in the waist and the legs.


I checked the packing slip – yep, size 8.  I checked the hang tag – yep, size 8.  I checked the inner label, and sure enough, size 8.  What is up with that?

Then the topper:  I tried on the size 8 khaki shorts, and they were just right.

WTF?  How can there be such a huge difference?  When I got the same “rise” and went UP a size in the shorts, how can the size 8s be tighter than the 6?

Does.  Not.  Compute.

I took them into the local Old Navy last weekend, and tried on an 8 and a 10 off the rack.  Those 8s were also way too tight, and the 10s were a bit too big.  Ugh!

I ultimately exchanged them for the 10s – I figure I can shrink them smaller, but would never be able to stretch the 8s to fit.

Seriously, though – isn’t that weird?

Oh, and although the shirts fit just like every other tee shirt I’ve ever bought there, the material is much thinner and stretchier than the others I’ve got.  Not sure what’s up with that, but for $6 I won’t quibble.

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  1. May 15, 2009 11:05 am

    Nice! Enjoy the weekend.

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