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May 7, 2009

Thanks to the mortgage reform earlier this year, we were able to combine our mortgage and our home equity loan into a single mortgage at a lower rate than either of the two separate loans.  We just closed on that on Tuesday.

I’ve also put my credit cards into consolidation; I’m told they will be paid off within 3 years – a fraction of what it would have taken under normal circumstances.   My credit score will take a beating for those three years, but I don’t plan on needing credit anytime soon (see above).   Besides, Larry’s credit is really good, and we kept his card active, for emergencies only.

So from here on out we are on a cash-only model; everything is paid for either with the debit card or cold hard cash.   Which is not to say we’re surviving on bread and water or anything, we’re just being smarter about where our money goes and for what.

On a somewhat tangentially-related topic, I spent some quality time at the insurance company’s appraisal center this morning (I know you’re wondering if the car saga will ever end; I am too).   I had fully intended to keep the insurance company out of this, but when the ongoing accident-related repair bill topped $2200 (radiator, thermostat, condensor, compressor, fans and relays), I decided to give them a call.  That’s what they’re for, after all, isn’t it?

After having it in the inspection bay for a half-hour or so, the adjuster tells me that he can only assess the exterior damage (which I hadn’t really considered fixing) – someone else has to go to the garage and look at the replaced mechanical parts.  Nothing like prolonging the agony, right?  And thank goodness the mechanic offered to hang onto them for me.

On the plus side, there’s $845 in body damage.  After my deductible, I’ll still get a few hundred back – hopefully much (much) more after they’ve been to the garage.  I’m hoping to recoup most of the out-of-pocket repair charges; even half would be a huge help.  The final tally will dictate whether I get the body work done or not.

Oh well.  At least I got to knit while they were inspecting the car.

The Whisper sweater is in late stages of development – it’s far enough along now that I can try it on and check the length of the back.   It needs probably another 6 inches, so I think it’ll be done in the next few days.

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