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April 14, 2009

Sorry I’ve been largely absent; on top of the holiday, and work, and everything else, we’re refinancing our house, and I’ve been running wild trying to stay on top of everything – the appraisal, the mortgage broker, etc etc etc.  Hopefully it’ll all settle down soon.

There has been knitting – I’m about an inch away from starting the second sleeve on the Whisper – but it’s not very visually appealing, so I haven’t taken any photos lately.  Perhaps later this week I’ll venture outside and take some.

A while ago I got drawn in by yet another Daily Grommet listing for a tooth-whitening system called Luster that uses LEDs.  I ordered it immediately, but only got around to trying it today.  And, although time will tell how long the results last, I’m here to tell you that there’s an immediate visual difference.

So like I said, it uses LEDs.  You use a mouthwash, then paint some kind of enhancer on your teeth, then stick a flashlight-like thing in your mouth for 2 minutes.  Then you repeat all three steps until you’ve had enough.

They give you a shade card for before and after comparison purposes; I started at a shade 12 (out of 20) and after 7 or 8 rounds of the treatment, I’m at an 8.

They tell you to do 10-20 rounds at a go (it’ll take an hour or so all told), but I had a toddler underfoot, and after round 8 we’d both had enough.

They say the results last 6 months; I set an RTM reminder for myself to check them after 3 months.  I’ll let you know how long it lasts (RTM has totally changed my life, by the way; I have to post about it someday).

Since I worked at home today, I didn’t put on any makeup (or shower), so tonight I’ll be giving myself my bi-weekly honey-aspirin mask.  Between that and my gleamingly white teeth, I should be a whole new, more glamorous person tomorrow.

Now if I could just find some jeans that would be a worthy replacement of my late, lamented favorites

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