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April 10, 2009

With a lack of anything else to write about, I thought I’d give you some photos of the front yard.

The early bulbs have begun to bloom:


And the later ones are getting taller and greener every day:


Next fall I need to remember to put down some bark mulch in addition to the chopped-up-leaves mulch, so the yard doesn’t look quite so pathetic (I keep forgetting that the bulbs start growing way before the grass does).

Oh, and remember my vegetable seedlings?


Yep, outrageously big and top-heavy.  Next year I’ll start them April 1 instead of February 1, for sure.  I’ll probably have to transplant them into deeper containers soon, since it won’t be safe to plant them outside for at least another month.

The farmer’s almanac says to plant beans when the lilac bush starts to grow leaves, which ours has, so I’m thinking about planting the beans and greens this weekend.  But the forecast says it won’t get out of the 40’s again until sometime next week, so I’m not sure.  Waiting another week can’t possibly hurt, right?

Have a great weekend and a very happy Easter.

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