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April 3, 2009

Yesterday afternoon CC and I left the office to run a simple errand.  Famous last words.

Three hours later, after a number of incidents that included a fire drill, two different banks, a sideswipe, a lost wallet, a tour of East Cambridge, and a repeat of the entire circuit twice, we made it back to the office.

By the time I got home, I wasn’t really in the “let’s clean the house – the party’s in two days!” mood — I was in the “two big glasses of wine might improve my spirits” mood.  So that’s what I did.

I worked on the penguin a little bit, too.  Made the wings and the feet, and sewed the wings on.  All that’s left now is sewing the front to the back, sewing on the feet, and the stuffing.  But, due to the aforementioned two big glasses of wine, I thought it best to stay away from anything requiring precision.

Hopefully I’ll get it finished up tonight, in time to give it to him at his party tomorrow.  If not, I’ll hold back the accompanying DVD and give him both on Tuesday, which is his actual birthday.

I’m leaving the office at 3, headed to the grocery store and the party center.  Needless to say, tonight will be a frenzy of cleaning and gift wrapping.

At least I was smart enough to (a) limit the party to immediate family (which is still nearly 20 people, but still), and (b) plan on ordering pizzas and calzones; if I had to cook for a crowd on top of everything else I might have a breakdown.  I feel one coming on as it is…

After the party tomorrow, our only plans for Sunday involve recuperation, and perhaps some yard work.  We got our strawberry plants in the mail yesterday, so we’ve got to build a raised bed before we can plant them.

Whatever your plans include, have a great weekend.

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