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April 1, 2009

As expected, I finished the penguin’s belly last night:


Which brings the penguin-parts total to two:


Tonight I hope to make the feet and wings, and give everything a quick block.  Then I can construct and stuff it tomorrow night, just in time for the party on Saturday.

On a more annoying note, on my way to work on Monday the guy in front of me stopped short and I ran into him.  I thought it was a my-front-bumper-hit-his-rear-bumper kind of thing, and there was certainly no damage to his car, so we both just shrugged off the inconvenience.

Unfortunately I noticed yesterday that I wasn’t getting any warm air when I turned on the heat.  A quick inspection under the hood uncovered the reason:  apparently the guy’s bumper was higher than mine, and hit my front grill, damaging my radiator in the process.   Hooray.

So after another nerve-wracked morning commute, this time watching the thermometer go up-up-up and praying the car wouldn’t overheat before I got to the mechanic, my poor car is in the shop having its radiator replaced.

This makes two white-knuckle morning commutes inside of a month, both of which I could have done without.

While it’s in there I’m getting new tires as well, which are (a) sorely overdue and (b) possibly/probably a contributing factor in the accident in the first place.

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  1. April 2, 2009 12:40 pm

    You need to come out and live in the country…we never get upset while driving! Ha!

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