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March 31, 2009

Larry’s been home sick with the bug this week, so the cleaning has fallen behind.  No big shock, I know, but at least I have a valid excuse for a change.

On the plus side, the forecast is calling for sunny and 60 on Saturday, so perhaps the kids will be able to play outside during the Peep’s birthday party for the first time ever.

The penguin is turning out to be a fun, fast project.  After just a couple of hours in front of the television, I’ve got the back, head, and beak done:


Tonight I’ll do the belly, and perhaps also the feet.

I don’t have enough of black yarn left for the wings, so I dug through the scrap bag a while ago and came up with another remnant ball of black worsted-weight yarn.  It’s different yarn than what I used for the back, though,  so there will be a pretty clear line of demarcation.

So I divided up the few yards left from the back yarn; I’ll start each wing from the top down with that, then switch over to the other yarn as I need to.

I’m thinking symmetry is better than nothing in this case – plus I’ve got to believe that black on black will still look better than black with grey tips, which is the only other alternative I can think of.

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