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March 28, 2009

The Peep had his first nightmare Friday night; my poor baby. He woke up crying around 11:30 and it took us almost a half-hour to get him settled down and back to sleep.

So Larry and I were a bit sluggish Saturday morning. The Peep was as cheery as ever, though, so it was business as usual.  After our regular route (library, produce market, grocery store) we played outside for a while, then took a walk over to Nonnie’s house. Her sister was visiting from Connecticut and had never met the Peep, so we were happy to oblige her – she’s in her 80’s.

Later in the afternoon Larry’s mother picked up the Peep for a sleepover, and Larry and I got the yard ready for spring: prepped the berry beds, planted sunflowers and sweet peas, and got rid of the last remnants of leaves. Then we walked over to a local restaurant for an early dinner.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling lousy; everyone we know has had the stomach bug this year, and I think I had a touch of it. So poor Larry was on the hook for most of the cleanup. There’s still more to do, but hopefully we’ll be able to chip away at it during the week.

Although perhaps not; Larry is home from work with the bug today.  Which probably means that the Peep will be down with it tomorrow.  Sigh.

On the knitting front, I did finish the first sleeve of the sweater.  I’m going to take a break for a few days and try to whip through this for the Peep’s birthday:

penguinbeautyKnitty, Winter 2004 issue

to go with a Pingu video we got him.

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