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March 23, 2009

We went to the garden center on Saturday, and got two grapevines for the backyard.  We haven’t planted them yet, and we supposedly won’t get grapes until next year or the year after, but we’ve got them, at least, so that’s progress in my mind.

Saturday night I was leaning into the stove to check the chicken, and Larry said “did you know you have a hole in your jeans?”.  Not only did I not know, but I’d been wearing them all day, plus the day before at work.  Lord only knows how long the hole has been there, but it’s a nice big one that runs lengthwise between the back pocket and the center seam.  Nice right?  Worst of all, they’re my favorite jeans, and they’re from Old Navy so I probably don’t have a prayer at finding a replacement pair.

Once again, I suck.

The entrelac class yesterday decidedly did not suck  – the instructor did a great job of explaining all the steps clearly, and was careful to break everything down in a way that made it seem almost intuitive.  Entrelac is my new favorite thing now.

I’ll post a photo to show you tomorrow, but today is a bit of a firedrill day; my parents have both been stricken by the stomach flu, so since they’re my sole source of childcare, I’m working from home today.  Bad timing all around, but oh well.  The Peep himself had a touch of it yesterday, but he’s rebounded just fine, and is driving me nuts as usual.

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