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March 16, 2009

What a great weekend – the weather was wonderful.

We took a long walk on Saturday, to the square and back, the long way round.  The Peep walked the whole way, too; no more stroller for him.  We were hoping he’d be knackered and ready for a nap, but no.  He wanted to stay outside, so we had the first bubble session of 2009:



Eventually we did go in, and while he and Larry had some relaxing time (ie, Larry tried to get him down for a nap, to no avail), I went back outside and trimmed away the dead stuff out in the garden.  I’m always surprised/impressed at what you find under the decomposing leaves and dead branches, that’s when I really start to believe that spring is coming.

The stonecrop is coming up nicely,


so is the sedum,


and the indigo,


The snow is finally all melted away out front, so I was finally able to reach the salvia:


and behold, some of the bulbs are coming up!


Sunday was even nicer than Saturday, we were outside with no jackets for a good while.   The Peep played golf for a bit,



Then decided to be a bee.  Enjoy!

(not sure if you can hear him in the video, or just my loud mouth, but he’s buzzing like crazy)

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