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March 5, 2009

Sublime: Having 32 of the 40 tomato seeds we planted sprout.

Ridiculous: Having none of the 8 pepper seeds we planted sprout.


I don’t know what went wrong; they get the same amount of light/heat/water as the tomato seeds did, but nothing.  I kept them covered with plastic wrap after I removed the greenhouse-style covers from the rest, thinking the additional humidity would help, but no.  In fact, I still have them covered with plastic wrap, as you can see above.

Sigh.   Thankfully, it’s still pretty early in the season for seed-starting, so I think we’ll give the peppers another try.  Maybe this weekend.

Sorry to have been mostly absent this week, I’ve had a lot going on.

I’ve been fighting a headcold all week; I think I caught it from Larry.  Luckily the Peep has been immune so far; he’s barely had a sniffle all winter (knock wood).

Work has been manic – more so than usual.  But who wants to hear about that?  Nobody.  Not even me.

Still battling with the sleeves… I’m hoping to wrap them up tomorrow night.  I’ve just about decided to go with the original yarn for the button bands and the collar, and switch to the new yarn for the cuffs.  It hasn’t even arrived yet, and I don’t want this project to linger one second more than it has to.

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